Over the past year, mobile marketers have quickly begun to understand the full potential of mobile advertising. And entering this new territory meant that innovation and growth simultaneously came along with its own version of growing pains.

Leading the way in new mobile marketing methods, Mobitrans have jumped onto the bandwagon of new trends in the midst of an intricate mobile ad ecosystem. New complex end-user trends in the market make it necessary for us to work with a myriad of advertising partners in every region.

With the company expanding into new territories and overseeing 3 million transactions a year, we decided to team up with UK-based mobile advertising regulation experts, Empello, in an effort to strengthen the measures put in place to ensure advertising ethics.

Empello help us with our in-country testing and to monitor web, app and social channels to detect advertising fraud or scams. They also support us in complying with local regulatory requirements throughout Europe. By providing us with market insight, they help us to minimise any regulatory risk.